We also got a puppy. When Granny moved in Mom thought she needed a buddy, so here’s Sparky! Our big dog Misty thinks she’s swell….Most of the time


Long time no see

Hello Bloggers and Bloggets

Wow have things changed since the last time I blogged

  • New hair color
  • New goals
  • New life
  • New guy
  • New everything

I suppose I should start from the top. I have a new hair color, in fact I have changed it several times and just about come full circle. I am sporting a (almost) natural red color, and loving it. Part of the reason that I dyed my hair is for a job opportunity. More on that later.

I have some new goals for life because some things that happened has closed some doors for me. As you were all aware, I continued my educational journey to University this year. Turns out that I was overly ambitious and the victim of some unfortunate circumstances. I had many life events occur, all of which I shall expand on by request but it sucked. My boyfriends and I separated, I was all ways sick, I took too many classes and not enough socialization. In short, it was awful. I did very poorly that semester and now am looking for a job and shall continue my education at a later date.

The job that I eluded to eairlyer is a bit strange. I signed up for care.com and submitted for several jobs. One of them got back to me and my mother(who you all remember Im sure) was very unsupported. She is convinced that it is a scam and that I shall never amount to anything, but this is yet to be seen. I hope to be a Nanny for two little girls here soon.

Well do you all remember my lovely friend Landon? Well he and I are now together and it is beautiful. He is like nobody I have ever dated before. I have been warned that I gush, so Ill save it. Anyhow, we are very happy and he has helped me through this very difficult time in my life and I hope that someday I can repay him for all he has done.

Now that we are all caught-up I suppose that I can have us move on to today. Today, and the last several weeks, have been slow. I sit and tumblr and watch Netflix. Oh and do shopping for my mom. She sends me to do everything in town. All the shopping and always yells at me because I forgot something, got the wrong kind, or spent too much. Its a rather stressful environment. If this new job pans out, I should be able to move out soon. I will be so happy when I do, Ill finally get to start my life!

Peace, Love and New Beginnings!!!!

One of the first pix together

One of the first pix together







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Blogging from Kindle

teehee. Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts!

Blogging from my Kildle is super awesome. I now have no excuse to not keep you in the loop. Have a great weekend,I know I will.

Peace,Love and Fun Times


Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts!

Here I am a waiting for class to start. Normally this isn’t an issue, but today is a special day of torture. Last night I had an awful headache and simply couldn’t function, so I took some meds that knocked me on my ass. This morning I woke up with the headache still intact, but I had to go to class. I trundled off on my long walk to education while my head throbbed to the beat of my steps. When I arrived at my class I found that we were having a test, not any test but a bubble test. I am not very good at making sure that the answers go to the right lines and it totally stresses me out. Here I am trying to do my damn test while fighting off my wonderful headache. When I finally finish I found that I had to leave the classroom so that others could have quiet or some crap like that, this would have been just fine but my next class was in that classroom. So here I sit on a couch in the bathroom for an hour waiting for my next class to start. Not ideal in the least. Oh well, I have to go to class now. It’s my Psych class that I love so much. Ill post on that later

Peace, Love and Patience

Curl Up and Dye

Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts!

I am very sick and I hate it. I really dislike feeling not ok and today I feel more than not ok. I feel awful. My stomach, head and everything hurts. I am super dizzy and cant sit-up for too long. I have a song to sing today for my voice class at 5 and I hope that I can be well enough to do it. I’m so nervous that I wont be able to do it.

Oh yea other thing, I dyed my hair again.


Peace, Love and Good Health

Short one- Revision

Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts!

I told you that I had to preform in my studio class yesterday and this was not the case. I did find an accompanist though and that is just one less worry that I have now. I was not a where that they charged when you were in a class, but I guess it makes sense. Another 100 bucks gone before I have it.

On a brighter note I am going to a thrift store with the lovely Camilla today to see what we can see. I might be going to a bit of a party Thursday and I want to look nice. When I was first told about this event, I thought it was tons of drinking and people making asses of themselves. Now I know that its a bunch of people getting together to talk and they might have a beer. I hope that its the more tame of the two scenarios or else my Thursday will be terribly boring.

I did find out today that I will be preforming another song that is much simpler today. I also have a music quiz.

Wish me Luck

Peace, Love and Music

Trying So Hard to be Positive that I Get a Negitive Charge

Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts

I am less than pleased with most everything right now

  • Blog post didnt post
  • LBF= Just Alex
  • Too much homework
  • Tuesdays
  • Preform tonight
  • Miss home     

Word Press had some sort of malfunction and my big long post for you guys just didn’t happen. I poured out my soul and now it is one with the cyber-verse. Oh well I can always blog again, as I am now.

Speaking of symbolic loss, my LBF is no longer my lovely boyfriend. He wishes to retain the title of friend and that’s it. I can respect why he did it, but it still hurts and makes me feel inadequate. He told me that he no longer loves me. I guess this is an extremely valid reason to no longer be a couple and I applaud his bravery and honesty. It still doesn’t make me feel good, but it had to be done. I have never been on this side of a break-up and I have found that is sucks just as much to be broken up with as it does to be the person who does the breaking up. We are trying to remain friends and I think we are doing ok considering. It has been along time since we have just been friends and even then we were closer physically and emotionally than most friends. We would cuddle on the couch, share food and even fall asleep on the couch. I just don’t know how we are going to get back, but I guess it will take lots of work and a new definition of our friendship. 

I have more homework and different homework than I have ever had before. I blame it on my heavy course load.

Tuesdays suck. I have classes from 10:30 till 2:40 and then again from 5-9. Tuesdays suck, I’m busy and tired all day. The only thing that makes it any worse is that my last class is a Geology lab. I am at a building all the way across campus from my dorm looking at rocks till 9 at night. This doesn’t make me happy in the least!!!!!!! Plus its always super cold when I walk home and I hate the cold. Why in the powers that be would I want to have to were a heavy coat in OCTOBER!!!!

I am in a voice class and I have a song that I am preforming tonight at my studio class. This is a very different style of song than anything I have ever sang before. It is very operaish and very high. I am very nervous, but Ill let you know how that goes.

Lastly on my list is I miss home. I hate being here in the cold without my cats and my dog as well as Alex and Landon. I miss my boys and cant wait to get home. I really hate being alone all the time. The lovely Camilla is here, but her scheduled is just so different than mine and we live on opposite ends of campus. I really just don’t like it. I have gotten used to the crazy house with a million things going on and at least one screaming match, here it is just quiet and contained until people are drunk. That always seems to occur when I am trying to sleep or study. I have gotten almost no sleep for the last month plus because of either not the right noise or too much noise.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all that follow me. I know that I am a bit long winded and not very interesting but it helps to sort out how I’m feeling with you all. I want to send you all cookies and a Christmas card when the time comes. Drop me your address and Ill make it happen, comment requests

Peace, Love and Serenity